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Discover your dreams' deeper meanings through guided and intuitive exploration.

Our dreams come in the service of wholeness, to tell us what is missing
in our lives.

Dreamwork  is for everyone. You do not have to be a dream therapist in order to understand your dreams. Group dreamwork is especially dynamic because you are getting input from others who see different things than you do in your dreams. Growth occurs when we can embrace more than one perspective, and dreams show us different ways of living our lives. 


By helping to identify dream symbols unique to each of us, dreamwork is a means of helping the individual work through the issues dealt with every day in our waking lives.

"All dreams reflect inborn creativity and ability to face and solve life's problems." - Jeremy Taylor



Individual and Group Sessions

These classes are designed to be 1/3 lecture, 2/3 active group dreamwork. Presenting a dream to the group is completely voluntary, and everything spoken of in the dream circle remains confidential.


We learn how to better understand and interpret your dreams using the Jungian approach of the famed psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Jung.


Private in-person or phone consultations are available by request.


"Working with Mary Michael over the last year has been life changing for me. I would so encourage you to look into this class; your deeper mind is talking to you through your dreams, an insightful and generous partner. Learn how to understand and encourage this wonderful and overlooked relationship!"

E. Parker, Mobile, AL

"Can’t say enough about Mary Michael and this course! I’ve been looking for it all my life. I’ve been In a dream group for almost a year now and love the insight and guidance I’ve received. Mobile friends, check this out!"

G. Bates, Fairhope, AL

"Mary is certainly a modern-day Joseph in dreamwork and dream interpretation. What a gift to have her teaching in your Center!!!! I’ve known Mary 35 years and her dream analysis, spiritual insight, and influence in my life are unmatched by any other human on this earth! I wish I were close in vicinity to attend!"

K. Raney, Jackson, MS

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